Example Post Where The Post Has No Image

This is another example post. All Post will be looking in this shape on home page. It will automatically crop the first image of the post and show it on home page. If there is no image in the post then you will see "No Image Available" image for the post. As you can see for this post.

Article by Bilal


  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    but i can’t see image on home page though i posted some image in post
    why this might happen ??

  2. I am having same problem, when i post articles even with multiple images it wont chose and crop any….see http://www.netmediablog.com to understand what i mead…..what do i do to fix this plz.

  3. Sorry i never knew it meant much….i have restored it and i promise it’ll always remain there……thanks in advance.

  4. Please i am still waiting for a solution for this…….

  5. jennifer adaeze says:

    simply upload a image not using linked images from another site and the thumbnail will work.

  6. Nadim Mahmud says:

    How to i add Thumbnail Feature on Post

  7. admin says:

    I suggest every one to use this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/timthumb-vulnerability-scanner/ to upgrade for the latest version of the timthumb script.

    It will resolve all the issues related to thumbnail.

  8. shiwangi peswani says:

    Can we select image for thumbnail with our choice or the theme selects it by default.

  9. admin says:

    Shiwangi@ With TechMaish 1.3 version you can select any image now.

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