How to Add 125×125 Ads in TechMaish Theme SideBar

TechMaish Theme allow you to insert 125x125 Ads in your blog side bar. You can remove the ads any time from "TechMaish Option" at Dashboard>Appearance. In a few steps you can insert 125x125 Ads in your blog to monetize your blog and earn from advertisements and affiliate links. Follow the below steps to insert 125x125 ads.

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How to Add 125x125 Ads in TechMaish Theme?

1. Go to Dashboard>Appearance>TechMaish Option>

adding logo in techmaish theme

2. From here you can add 125x125 ads. Scroll Down to the "Sidebar- 125x125 Ads" section.

disply 125x125 ads3. First tick the "Show Sidebar Ads?" option to enable ads.

4. You have 4 spots for showing 125x125 ads. In the first box that is for "Ad1 Link" paste the Link for the 125x125 ads.

In "Ad1 path" paste the image location for the banner.

Similarly insert all image locations and Links for 4 banners.

Note:- The default "Advertise Here" picture is already added. If you want to display 2 or 3 125x125 ads, then remove the link from "Ad3 Path" and "Ad4 Path" to show nothing or replace the image url to your required on. Also don't forget to add link in "Ad4 link" for "Advertise Here" page. If you have Advertise Here page then link it with the "Ad4 Path" so that advertisers can go to your "Advertise" page.

Hope you got it, don't forget to share your suggestions and comments for TechMaish Theme bugs and improvements.

Article by Bilal


  1. Albert Brinson says:

    WOW! There is so much to learn. I am a complete newbie to WordPress. Do you have anything available that explains ALL the functions of TECHmaish and what it use is?
    I want to learn.
    Al Brinson

  2. yati nordin says:

    just installed TechMaish. Now configuring ads. Tks for the tutorial. It helps a lot.

  3. keyur says:

    i installed this theme in my website but ads can’t show properly in whole box in sidebar plz help me

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