How to Add 468×60 Banner in Header using TechMaish Option

TechMaish Theme has option called "TechMaish Option" from where you can add header 468x60 banner ad in your blog header. If you don't like the banner, then don't add any thing and just add the header logo in your blog. However make sure to increase the width of your logo, so that it can get fit with the whole header. If you want to add a 468x60 banner in header, then follow the below steps.

blog ads

How to Add Header Banner?

1. Go to Dashboard>Appearance>TechMaish Options>

2. Find "Header" section and tick the option which says "Show 468x60 Header Ad?" and then type your logo "Image URL" and "Link". Click on Save button and that's all.

header logoNow a header ad will be added to your blog. Enjoy. Don't forget to share your comments.

Article by Bilal


  1. MV says:

    Thanks Bilal for the excellent wp theme. I’ve few questions about this theme –

    1. How to add adsense code instead of ‘header ad’ code?
    2. How good this theme related to SEO?
    3. How to add ‘adsense links’ in place of top menu?

    Thank You!

  2. How can one add a 468×60 google adsense in the header section of the theme.

  3. Rakesh Panchal says:

    How to make drop down Menu on my Webisite using this theme. I want drop down menu, please help.

  4. Michael Gierza says:

    thank you so much im using it by now

  5. admin says:

    Rakesh@ Download the latest version for Drop Down Menu Support.

  6. baba baba says:

    i have some problem with theme i add some ads on my side bar its runs but i add some ads on my post side bar ads automatic hidden what should i do remove this problem i use latest version of theme?

  7. Sachin kumar says:

    After Adding the header code my ads are still not displaying 🙁 How many days it will take to display ? Please help me …

  8. david crabtree says:

    How can I edit the site title font size?

  9. Graham Connor says:

    The logo and banner in the header do not show 🙁

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