How to Add Custom Favicon in Thesis Like WordPress Theme

TechMaish Theme has built-in option from where you can add Custom Favicon in a few steps for your blog. You will just need favicon and using "TechMaish Option" you can then easily upload it to your theme. Create your own unique favicon and upload it to your image directory or any image hosting website. Note down the URL of your favicon and follow the below steps to add it to your blog.


How to Add Favicon in TechMaish Theme?

1. Go to Dashboar>Appearance>TechMaish Option>

2. Now paste your favicon URL in the box which says "Custom Favicon" click "Save Changes" button and that's all.

adding favicon in techmaishThis is the easiest way to add favicon in your blog. However this option is only available in TechMaish Theme, so enjoy it....

Article by Bilal


  1. This is a greate design,. I will pay for this.

  2. Sai Kumar says:

    Hello Sir, I am Using Your Theme for my WordPress Blog, Can i Use Your Social Network Icons in my blog (i,e. Facebook icon, Twitter Icon, etc)

  3. Deepak says:

    thank you for hint

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