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How to Add Featured Post Slider in TechMaish 1.3 Theme

You can easily enable or disable featured post slider from "Theme Options" panel from Dashboard>Appearance>. Inside Theme Option panel locate the option "Check this option if you want to show post slider in your blog" under the "Post Slider" section and tick the box.

post slider

Now the Featured Post Slider will be displayed on your blog. However no posts will appear in it. You will need to select the articles that you want to display in the Slider.

How to Select articles to display in the featured post slider?

1. Edit the post you want to display in the slider. Scroll down and tick the option "Feature in Featured Content Slider" under the Featured Content Slider Option.

1image2. The post will be added to the slider when you click on the "Update" button. However you will see no image with the post. So the next step is to add a thumbnail for the post. Don't hit the "update" button, complete the below step and then hit the button so that thumbnail is also added for the featured post.

How to Display Thumbnail for a Post?

3. In order to add a thumbnail for a post you need to "Edit" it. In Edit mode scroll down and find the option "Featured Image" located at bottom right of the edit page. Click on the "Set Featured Image" link.

set featured image4. Now you will see the image uploader page. Upload the image you want to set as featured or you can select from the image gallery also. Once the image is uploaded scroll down and click on the link "Use as featured image". Close the uploader and now you will see the image added as thumbnail for the post.

use the image


Note:- Whether you are Editing a already published post or writing a New Post. This method applies to both, so make sure to select a image as featured for a post so that it can appear as a thumbnail on home page.

5. Once done click on "Update" button if you are editing a post OR "Publish" button if you are writing a new post.

Now visit your blog and you will see the post added to the "Featured Content Slider" with a thumbnail. Drop comments below if you encounter any problem during the process.

Article by Bilal


  1. Gierza says:

    I don’t have enough time to check the new them as I have a busy schedule. Could someone tell me if the slide images works even if it was remotely place in other website like Picasa or Facebook?

  2. Jaspreet says:

    Ohh!! Thanks Dude it Worked 😀

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