TechMaish 1.3 Demo with Post Slider, SEO Features and Page Navigation

The most awaited TechMaish 1.3 will be available on Monday (26 November 2012) for download. The latest version has more features and you can see some of the features live on this demo blog. The new version is now more SEO optimized and you have the ability to add Meta Title and Meta Description for Home Page, Posts and Pages.

TechMaish 1.3 Features

  • Meta Title and Meta Description for Home Page
  • Meta Title and Description field for Posts
  • Meta Title and Description for Pages
  • Featured Post Slider
  • Page Navigation
  • Noindex Categories from inside theme option panel
  • Noindex Tags from inside theme option panel
  • Noindex Archives from inside theme option panel

Timthumb.php script has completely removed from the blog, because it was blocked by the major webhosting companies. The reason is that this script is always vulnerable to the hackers and they can get access to your blog if you are not on the latest version of timthumb.php script.

TechMaish 1.3 is not using it so you don't need to worry now. The thumbnail size for the Posts has now been increased from 80x80 to 150x150. You can now select any image for thumbnail to show it on home page.

Drop Down menu issue has been fixed in the new version.

Once the theme is available, i will share the tutorials for the new features. So that bloggers can easily implement all the features and shift to this new version.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Article by Bilal


  1. Gierza says:

    Nice one, can’t wait for this release. ^.^

  2. admin says:

    The Theme is available now.

  3. Salawas says:

    Amazing theme I will most use it on my blog

  4. Tushar Bansal says:

    thanxs a lot sir…

  5. dek dek says:

    nice update bilal, i using your template,,,but i dont know how to make h1 just for title post in single page,,,?

    Cause i get H1 for blog title and post title in single page


  6. yusuf ├žatal says:


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